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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day in the LeBaron Family

Hello All! I am trying to get my design blog up and as I was doing it I decided that I would rather work on this one that we have been talking about for months. So enjoy. Here are a few pictures of what happened in the LeBaron Family on Valentines. =)

This is Maverick's Valentine he gave everyone this year.

Grandma LeBaron sent some sugar cookies for Mavrick to try and he loved them! He didn't stop to take a breathe!

For Valentine's Day this year Ryan and I were able to get each other a gift and got out to dinner. Which might not always happen but Tax returns were good to us this year. Haha. We also got Mavrick a little bouncy ball but we have already misplaced it. =( BUT we got to go out to Tokyo! I loved it!! I had never been before.

The ULTIMATE fried rice!!!!! YUM!!!!

This was Ryan's gift. It is a Bear Grylls Edition Gerber Knife-Survival Series. We LOVE watching Bear Grylls but this knife is crazy. It has a fire starter, Knife sharpener, distress whistle and a sheath to put it in. AMAZING! I don't even like nature and it makes me want one. Haha. =)

Don't worry. I got a scentsy and I love it. =) I just don't have a picture.
Email me pictures or we can just do it this weekend. Love you guys. Hope you guys like this thing.